Out by 10 producer, Susan Seliger, raises her hand to the crowd.

Watch this Sneak Peek of what’s in store for you Friday, SEPT. 8th. The amazingly talented storytellers and musicians will make you laugh, clap and open your heart.

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At Out by 10, Ophira Eisenberg tells wonderful funny stories

Ophira Eisenberg

Watch: Crazy Mentor Person

At Out by 10, KJ enhert's sultry jazz will make you smile.

KJ Denhert

Watch: Help


Gastor Almonte hands

Gastor Almonte

Watch: Brooklyn Batman

At Out by 10, Gail Thomas tells funny stories.

Gail Thomas

Watch: Now or Never


2 thoughts on “WATCH, TASTE SEPT. 8th TALENT”

  1. My husband and I received Out by 10 tickets as a gift and we loved it! We will definitely be back! I sat next to the man who was the first open mic storyteller and I loved his story. As a middle school English teacher, I am so interested and have a ton of questions for him! I wanted to talk to him after the performance, but my husband wanted to leave (he had a long week and was shot). Is there any way you could forward him my email address? If he is too busy or not interested, I perfectly understand.
    You’ll see us and our family and friends again! Thank you for a fun different, and thought provoking night.

    Susan Schmidt

    1. Hi Susan– Thanks for writing — so glad you and your husband loved Out by 10. I look forward to seeing you there again — next shows are Oct 13, Nov.. 17th and Dec 8th..
      The storyteller you mentioned was Richard Cardillo — I will send him your email with your address so he can take it from there.

      As far as I know your comments are not public.

      See you again soon, I hope.
      All best,

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