WATCH Videos for a Taste of May’s Show

Rockin' Walter Parks comes back to Out by 10 by popular demand.

These videos will give you a sneak peak of what you’ll experience at the May 13, 2016 show. But all the stories and songs will be totally new & fresh.

Adam Wade in the New Yorker piece by Sarah Larson.

Adam Wade

Adam Wade, 20-time Moth SLAM champ, and one of the most heart-achingly funny storytellers alive anywhere is coming back to Out by 10.

Watch: Another Night at the Clam King

AT Out by 10 Heather Harpham shows her special blend of theater in motion with her blue scarf

Heather Harpham

Heather can make you laugh at global warming – and that ain’t easy. Her funny and deeply moving storytelling combines a unique blend of movement, dance and improvisation. 

Watch:  Happiness

 Cropped, Aaron Wolfe at mic at Out by 10.

Aaron Wolfe

Aaron Wolfe is a Moth GrandSLAM champion. His award winning short film Record/Play was shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Watch:  Balance

 Rockin' Walter Parks comes back to Out by 10 by popular demand. 

Walter Parks

Walter Parks spent a decade as the guitarist and sideman for Woodstock Legend Richie Havens. He has played Carnegie Hall, Madison Square Garden and the Cannes Film Festival. 

Watch:  Troubadour