WATCH These Videos for a Taste of the April Show

You need a laugh — and a break from Spring cleaning. You’ll get plenty of hilarity and heartwarming tales and tunes at the April 8th show.

Take a taste of what’s in store for you:

Tara Clancy: WATCH How To Catch a Pigeon 

Leslie Goshko: WATCH Holiday Tale

Drew Prochaska: WATCH Anxiety

Amy Soucy & Stephen Murphy: WATCH Little Wooden Boat

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At Out by 10, Tara Clancy may not be this dressed up,but she's ready to go. Photo: © www.allisonevans.comAT Out by 10, Leslie Goshko steps up to the mic with a smile.

You never know what Drew Porchaska will say at Out by 10.

Amy Soucy plays guitar on her original tunes from her debut CD at Out by 110. Out by 10