Adam Wade, @ Out by 10 May 13th, Featured in the New Yorker

Adam Wade in the New Yorker piece by Sarah Larson.

Adam Wade in the New Yorker piece by Sarah Larson. Adam Wade, who will be at Out by 10 for the third time May 13, 2016 and has been a Moth SLAM winner  20 times, has just been featured in The New Yorker. In this lovely piece , Sarah Larson calls him “a truly gifted storyteller” and gets right to his soul:

He tells stories about humiliation and heartache, about small but thrilling human connections and tiny victories that feel huge. The rise of nerd culture has no doubt helped him. Onstage, he seems to be the adolescent misfit within everyone’s soul.

But the real reason anyone who’s ever heard him talk about his mother, his landlady’s meatballs, his mishaps at odd jobs can’t help but love him lies in what Adam himself says is the key to his storytelling approach:

“If I’m having a conversation with you, I’m talking to you from my heart to your heart.” 


If you haven’t heard him yet, don’t miss your chance on May 13th at Out by 10.

Read the entire New Yorker piece.