Big Talent in a Small Space: The Best Musicians & Storytellers Perform Monthly Second Thursdays From 8:00 to 10:00 PM. 

Host and producer of Out By Ten, Susan Seliger, presents funny,talented storytellers and musicians in the world.

Susan Seliger, Storyteller, Journalist, Smarty-Pants

Host and producer of Out By Ten, Susan Seliger, presents funny, talented storytellers and musicians in NYC.

I had a life before I became the Co-Founder/Producer/Host of Out by 10: Big Talent in a Small Space. A life, but nowhere near as much fun.

LOWDOWN: I’m a lifelong journalist, an award-winning writer, author and co-author of two books and a storyteller with extensive editorial, web-launching and marketing/communications experience. I am also a total genius specializing in modesty and self-effacement.

PUBLICATIONS: My work has appeared in The New York Times,, New York Magazine,, The Washington Post, The Miami Herald, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News, The Economist, Travel & Leisure, Redbook, Self, McCall’s, Ladies Home Journal, Good Housekeeping, Working Mother, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, The Washingtonian,, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, Family Circle, The National Observer. The Baltimore News American.(If you have trouble sleeping, read clips here.)


BOOKS: I have written two books: author of the health book Stop Killing Yourself: Make Stress Work for You (Putnam’s) and ghostwriter of Wonderful Marriage (Ben Bella Books).

FANCY-SCHMANCY TITLES: I have been called many things in my career: Deputy Editor of Magazine Development at Hearst, Deputy Editor of Good Housekeeping, Web and Editorial Consultant at the Rockefeller Foundation, Associate Publisher/Deputy Editor of Working Mother Magazine, SVP, Editor-in-Chief of and, Director of Multimedia Content at

I have also been called worse.

CLIENTS: As a consultant, I have helped businesses large and small bring their stories to life, online, in print, wherever. Clients include: The Rockefeller Foundation,,, The Naval Institute, The United Nations,,, The White House Project, Foster Pride Charity. 

AWARDS: Clarion Award Winner; National Magazine Award Finalist; Penney-Missouri Magazine Award Finalist

STORYTELLER: I have told stories and performed a one-woman show, Life, Love & Dating at several NYC venues. Despite the audience response, I continue undeterred. ;<}

Host and producer of Out By Ten, Susan Seliger, presents funny, talented storytellers and musicians



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