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Articles Date: May, 2016
KJ Denhert, folk/rock/jazz singer will perform at Out by Ten in June 2016.

WATCH FUNNY VIDEOS for a Taste of June 10th Show

We've got 3 funny and amazing storytellers and a singer whose sultry voice will make you believe in angels -- with a touch of devilishness MUSIC KJ DENHERT Watch: I don't Think So Kj...   Read More »

Rockin' Walter Parks comes back to Out by 10 by popular demand.

WATCH Videos for a Taste of May’s Show

These videos will give you a sneak peak of what you'll experience at the May 13, 2016 show. But all the stories and songs will be totally new & fresh. Adam Wade Adam Wade, 20-time Moth SLAM champ, and...   Read More »

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